Terms and Conditions



The Peer Support Network (PSN) is maintained by Carers Australia Limited, ABN 12 231 938 308. The PSN is an online peer-to-peer support platform to facilitate conversations between carers who are new to the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS (‘carers’) and those that have had experience with the Scheme (‘Peer Partners’).

The PSN simply connects carers and Peer Partners (‘users’) together to have conversations about the NDIS. Peer Partners will share their relevant experiences and attempt to answer any questions carers may have. Carers Australia has no control over the information provided nor the views expressed by any user. Carers Australia will send an online post-conversation survey to both the users to monitor the effectiveness of conversations.

Conversation appointments are automatically booked on the PSN after a user identifies an appropriate Peer Partner and a suitable time for both users is agreed. Conversations are conducted via Skype for Business (Messenger, Video and Audio) or if required can also be accessed via a toll free 1800 telephone number. Conversations between users are private and confidential. However, using the toll free 1800 telephone number will display a user’s phone number to the other user.

Carers Australia wants each user to have a positive experience while using the PSN. To ensure Carers Australia can create a safe and supportive environment for everyone, a user must accept and follow the PSN terms and conditions before registering.


  1. All users must

  1. Be over 18 years old to use the PSN

  2. Keep their password secret

  3. Be respectful and considerate to others

  4. Not hack or modify the PSN

  5. Not pretend to be another PSN user or a Carers Australia staff member

  6. Be mindful and respectful of diversity

  7. Maintain confidentiality and privacy by not disclosing their full name, email, address or location during a peer conversation or via the messenger facility

  8. Not ask for or accept money or gifts

  9. Take care to not breach privacy or confidentiality of themselves or others when discussing specific details about personal, financial or other life issues

  10. Access their user profile to change personal details, update subscription preferences or deactivate their account.


  1. Privacy

  1. When a user registers to use the PSN Carers Australia will collect their:

  • name;

  • date of birth;

  • email;

  • phone number; and

  • address.

These details will be securely stored, used and disclosed by Carers Australia only to operate the PSN.

  1. Carers Australia’s privacy policy explains how a user’s personal information is collected and used. A user agrees to the terms of Carers Australia’s privacy policy when using the PSN.

  2. All conversations between carers and Peer Partners are conducted anonymously. However, using the toll free 1800 telephone number will display a user’s phone number to the other user.

  3. Carers Australia will not disclose a user’s personal information, except where they mention an intention to do harm to themselves or others, or mention their participation in illegal activity. Should these circumstances be reported to us, Carers Australia will release a user’s personal information to the relevant legal body including the Australian Federal Police.


  1. Disclaimer

  1. Any views or opinions expressed by users are their own.

  2. Carers Australia does not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided through the PSN.

  3. Carers Australia does not direct or control what users of the PSN do or say.

  4. Carers Australia makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the use or safety of the PSN and their liability to a user is excluded or limited to the full extent permitted by law for any damage a user may suffer through their use of the PSN.


If a user does not follow the terms and conditions, Carers Australia may suspend or remove their access to the PSN.